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About Us

about us

We Have The Best Experts To Elevate Your Business.

Callforce Global s a BPO based in India, Kolkata, who expertise in lead generation solutions, Inbound, Back Office etc. that match the tools utilized by top-ranking consumer data suppliers. A pool of well-trained professionals with nearly two decades of experience in related industries guarantees outstanding management of the data services industry.

With specialists in Data Management, Business Outsourcing, and Innovative Solutions, Callforce Global Technology Private Limited guarantees data services that suit our clients’ needs. Since Callforce Global Technology Private Limited, has been founded in May, 2017, the company is growingsuccessfully and acquiring more clients slowly and steadily. It now has a 50- Seats BPO in India, Kolkata; nearly seventy percent (70%) of which are persistent in generating fresh telephone leads through the company’s British marketing questionnaire.We offer a wide range of UK data services and solutions guaranteed to suit a business needs. We team up closely with our clients to make sure that their concepts and proposals are discussed thoroughly.

Callforce Global Technology Private Limited, wants you to achieve successful campaigns, so you could make the most out of your investment. Our highly-trained professionals connect with your business prospects naturally and interestingly to help you close sales, generate more appointments, or simply introduce your products and services.

UK Consumer Marketing Questionnaire.

Initiate an inquiry on consumer lifestyle or a co-registration questionnaire with Callforce Global Technology Private Limited. We complete over 400 marketing questionnaires in a day! Our marketing enquiries generate essential information on what consumers need and want. Thus, you get the most responsive telephone data! Callforce Global Technology Private Limited, have an estimate of conducting an average of 15K to 50K new telephone surveys every month to generate reliable and ample volumes of data.

Company Content can be like this.

By gone are the days, when Business Process Outsourcing was restricted to tasks like consolidating office processes across a range of locations or mere handing over processes to third parties. With technology bridging the gap between continents, every single business out there can expect maximum leverage from their engagements and foster growth and success in equal measure. A well-defined outcome that clearly aligns with the shareholder value. At Callforce Global BPO, we are constantly harnessing talent that is top notch coupled with powerful analytics to get you the very best. To maintain a long lasting relationship that is mutually beneficial is one of our core values that constantly drive us forward. We are also committed towards maintaining quality and confidentiality which stands as a testimony to our good will and reputation.

Our Objective.

To work in a close partnership with our clients offering a business advantage, driving value and shift emphasis which helps organizations emerge successful.

Innovative technologies and cutting edge solutions.

Why choose Callforce Global BPO ?

One and all enterprises operating on a global scale are increasingly moving towards partnering with Business Process Outsourcing companies to help transform their business by leap and bounds. The reasons aren’t too obscure too scan. Innovation, growth and maximum profit. Callforce Global Bpo offers a comprehensive working propaganda that facilitates the following:

  • Transformation that is people driven
  • Enhanced back office support
  • Insightful Control
How It Work

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What Our Clients Say?

Harold was looking for a strong partner to help achieve business process reengineering for accounts closing process. We were glad that we selected Callforce Global as they appointed skilled resources who had excellent knowledge and had positive attitude. We commend the team at Callforce Global BPO for your diligence, trustworthiness, your accuracy and precision to date and above all, your positive attitude.
When we first started working with Callforce Global BPO we were a bit apprehensive as we weren’t sure what to expect. All we knew is that we needed to outsource a lot of our administrative work as with the growth of No Agent Property we weren’t coping ourselves. We initially outsourced small tasks to test the ground and very soon we found that the team at Callforce Global BPO was not only coping with the work but were also very proactive in helping out. Since then we have outsourced majority of our work to them. From the moment we commenced working with the guys, it has been a breeze! We are extremely happy with your services and intend on expanding our requirements. Keep up the good work!